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Design Innovation

2019 TBC
With Shashank Raval & TBC

Course overview

In this 3-day intensive bootcamp you will learn R/GA’s ‘Connected Design’ approach that has been applied to award winning products and services for some of the world’s most famous brands. Using the methods taught in the class, you’ll respond to a client brief by researching, ideating, creating, prototyping, and branding a product or service. You’ll receive tools to take away, transferable frameworks, and expert guidance and feedback from our instructors.


Why take this course?

In order to deliver world class product and service innovation, we believe that design needs to be rooted in human-centered goals, and be both beautiful and highly usable while fostering long term use and engagement. From over two decades of work in the product & service field, working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, we developed our Connected Design framework, blending multiple design disciplines into one fluid approach to product and service innovation.

To remain at the top of their fields, we believe that the designer of the future will increasingly have to integrate aspects of multiple design disciplines - such as design research, prototyping, and behavioral science. The “new” designer won’t be singularly focused on brand design or graphic design or experience design, but have literacy in a multitude of areas allowing for collaboration with more and more complex teams, leading to the type of work that stands out.

This course sets the foundation for the “new” designer.

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Course Program

Day 1

Overview & Landscape

Learn about the fundamentals of mixed reality from virtual to augmented and everything in between. Get an overview of the current state of technology, from Head Mounted Display VR, to mobile AR. We will explain the different types of mixed reality experiences, where we are now, and the waves of technology to come that will affect the the future of industries.

Principles & Best Practices

We will learn the fundamentals of immersive content and how to create compelling and effective 360 content, as well as the technical components necessary to build immersive experiences.

We will also highlight inspirational work, and demo recent VR projects on multiple xR platforms.

WebVR Workshop

The class will prototype VR and AR experiences from scratch. We will cover setting up projects, importing 2D and 3D objects, and interacting with them in virtual environments.


Sam Brewton

Experience Designer

Working in our NY office, Sam is an R/GA pioneer in the design and UX of VR and AR. Always pushing the boundaries of what designers do, Sam leads the way in introducing new technologies and prototypes into our work. He has recently launched 3D experiences for brands such as Nike, Samsung, and Verizon.

Pablo Gomez

Creative Director, Prototype Studio

Pablo is a Creative Director in the R/GA Prototype Studio, where he uses his technical and visual expertise to translate creative visions into smart, usable, and engaging experiences. His work crosses multiple fields of art, design, and technology, and with over 15 years at R/GA working on a multitude of world-class brands, his work has been recognized outside the agency by many awards and publications.

He is an all around enthusiast, obsessed with technology and design challenges, constantly guiding R/GA in developing POVs and use cases for emerging technologies and platforms. His client portfolio includes Nike, Samsung, Verizon, Google, Mercedes, L'Oreal, and Whole Foods.

Course enrollment has reached the maximum number allotted.
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How It Works

Theory & Practice

Our courses are designed to carefully balance the theoretical with the practical - making sure you not only understand how, but that you can also do.


With small class sizes and multiple instructors, our courses are tailor made to provide you with lots of real-time feedback. Additionally, we build in plenty of space for reflection on what you’ve learned, helping to bring.

Tools & Techniques

Once you complete our courses, we want to make sure you’re set up for success. That’s why you’ll walk away with a selection of frameworks, takeaways, and resources to help you implement what you’ve learned.

Launched in 2008 for our employees, R/GA University facilitates knowledge sharing and learning across R/GA’s global network.

Our courses are designed for industry professionals and anyone trying to broaden skills or give their résumé an edge.

For the most part, we will provide any supplies you may need. But, we recommend you bring a laptop or tablet. Any other requirements will be communicated on a course-by-course basis.

Our courses are designed to be helpful for everyone, from novice to experienced professionals. Participating will give you a better understanding of the subject, no matter your skill level.

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Product & Service
Design Innovation

Learn R/GA's Connected Design approach to product & service innovation. Using the methods taught in the course, you will respond to a brief by researching, ideating, creating, prototyping, and branding a product & service.

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3 Days

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