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With Shashank Raval & Jen Heazlewood

Course overview

In this 3-day intensive bootcamp, you will learn R/GA’s ‘Connected Design’ approach that has been applied to award-winning products and services for some of the world’s most famous brands. Using the methods taught in the course, you’ll respond to a client brief by researching, ideating, creating, prototyping, and branding a product or service. You’ll receive tools to take away, transferable frameworks, and expert guidance and feedback from our instructors.

Why take this course?

In order to deliver world-class product and service innovation, we believe that design needs to be rooted in human-centered goals, and be both beautiful and highly usable while fostering long-term use and engagement. From over two decades of work in the product & service field, working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, we developed our Connected Design framework, blending multiple design disciplines into one fluid approach to product and service innovation.

To remain at the top of their fields, we believe that the designer of the future must continuously integrate aspects of multiple design disciplines - such as design research, prototyping, and behavioral science. The “modern” designer isn’t singularly focused on brand design, graphic design or experience design, but has literacy in a multitude of areas allowing for collaboration with more and more complex teams - leading to work that stands out from the crowd.

This course sets the foundation for the “modern” designer.

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Course Program

Day 1

Design Research

Dive deep into techniques for uncovering truths that inform design. You’ll learn how to design a research plan, practice different research methods, and work on turning hints into themes.

Creative Ideation

Learn new techniques and the R/GA’s approach to help turn insights into innovative and creative ideas that inspire your work.

Day 2

Mapping User Journeys

Successful product and service design requires thorough understanding of how, when, and where consumers will interact with your product.

Learn new techniques to map your product or service’s touch points, and identify opportunities to deliver on your customer’s wants and needs.

Designing with Data

Data is ubiquitous in our daily lives and critical to the design of innovative products and services. Learn how the broad spectrum of data can be used to inform and drive design.

Designing for Behavior

Incorporate behavioral economics and habit theories into your designs to boost long-term interaction and growth.

Day 3

Brand Thinking for Products

Learn how to ensure every element of your brand connects around an active purpose that inspires beliefs and behaviors.

The traditional approach to branding can lead to detached brands lacking meaning - a critical opportunity missed for a product or service.


The best way to communicate and test your ideas is through hands-on demos. Learn all about the prototyping spectrum and the techniques needed to rapidly bring your designs to life.

The Pitch

Bringing a good idea to life relies heavily on how you sell it. Improve your ability to deliver a top-notch pitch by learning how to effectively communicate and present your ideas.


Shashank Raval

Creative Director,
Experience Design

Shank (I know!) has been at R/GA for the last 6 years, working on everything from big brand website redesigns to small start-up products and services.

Most recently, he is interested in how brands bridge gaps between what they say (communication strategy) and what they do (products and services), and what that means for consumers.

Shank has been a frequent guest lecturer and portfolio critique at SVA, and FIT. His client portfolio includes Samsung, Converse, McCormick, Verizon, and Mercedes, among many others.

Jen Heazlewood

Creative Director, Head of
Experience Design, R/GA London

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the UK, Germany, and Australia, Jen has led many agile teams creating rapid user experience design projects across a broad range of clients in banking, retail, telecommunications and automotive.

Jen has worked with mass market brands such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest, BT, Toyota, Subaru Volkswagon, Mitsubishi, and Unilever, and helped lead the launch of the EE brand into the UK.

Whilst Jen specialises in mobile & touch experiences, she is most passionate about connecting people with the right service or product to ensure it creates value.

Jen’s work has won multiple awards including Cannes & Digital Impact Awards, DADIs, BIMA, The Lovies and she has served as a judge at the Drum Design Awards and D&AD New Bloods.

Course enrollment has reached the maximum number allotted.
Join the list and we’ll inform you of new slots.

How It Works

Theory & Practice

Our courses are designed to carefully balance the theoretical with the practical - making sure you not only understand how, but that you can also do.


With small class sizes and multiple instructors, our courses are tailor made to provide you with lots of real-time feedback. Additionally, we build in plenty of space for reflection on what you’ve learned, helping to bring.

Tools & Techniques

Once you complete our courses, we want to make sure you’re set up for success. That’s why you’ll walk away with a selection of frameworks, takeaways, and resources to help you implement what you’ve learned.

Launched in 2008 for our employees, R/GA University facilitates knowledge sharing across our global network.

Our courses are designed for industry professionals and anyone trying to broaden their skills or give their résumé an edge.

To help you get the most from our courses we combine a careful balance of theory and practice, with lots of time for feedback and reflection.

Absolutely. Please contact us to make arrangements.

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