Date TBC
With Sam Brewton & Pablo Gomez

Course overview

This full-day intensive course is a deep dive into one of the most exciting technological developments in recent times, one that is changing the way we experience digital products and services.

First dissecting the current state of mixed reality technologies, from VR to AR, this full-day workshop then moves into an interactive, practical session teaching the fundamentals of designing for digital experiences across three dimensional spaces, and providing attendees the skills to create simple, interactive VR and AR prototypes that can be deployed.

Why take this class?

With the rapid growth of mixed reality technologies, more and more of the work that we create for products and services is expanding beyond flat, 2D screen based experiences for desktops and mobile devices. As new VR and AR platforms emerge, brands, design firms, and startups are looking to create experiences in these worlds to connect with users. To stay ahead of these changes, creatives and technologists need to better understand how to concept, design and build in these new 3-dimensional applications.

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